The Walk-A-Bout is an extraordinary band from New York.  Their last album "Things Are Looking Up" was ranked #24 on the RMR "Best of 2019" chart, and in November 2019 the band contracted 525 Media to create the album art for their upcoming full-length LP "20/20" which will be available worldwide on June 5th, 2020.  Walk-A-Bout producer and conceptualist Drew Bertrand had a very clear vision of what he wanted to see for this project and, working from his sketches, we're happy to say we provided an album sleeve design that exceeded everyone's expectations.  We went on to design the new Walk-A-Bout website, a new line of merchandising and, working closely with Drew and Steffen Franz's team at Independent Distribution Collective, we continue to provide multimedia assets for the promotional campaign leading up to the release of "20/20".  Working with The Walk-A-Bout has been a wonderful collaboration, and we look to forward to continuing our partnership into the foreseeable future...   


20/20 Album Art

"Victory Parade" Lyric Video

Animated "Wally" Mascot

"Wally Roger" Flag Design

"Album Announcement" Ad

"20/20" Special Edition Hoodie

"20/20" White T-Shirt

"20/20" Women's V-Neck T-Shirt

"Wally Roger" Women's Black Tank

Screen Printing by Tommy Rockstar at www.underground.press
© 2020 525 Media, Inc.
20/20 Special Edition Hoodie