Logo Design

Your logo is your fingerprint.  It should identify you immediately and be perfectly unique.  We craft logos that tell people not just what you do, but who you are.


Album Art

With over 20 years experience in the music business, 525 Media Creative George Panagakos is the ideal designer to create the artwork for your new release.


Beginning with your logo, we create a cohesive design strategy for all of the assets we design for your business, making your company more recognizable and your marketing strategies more viable.

Online Marketing

Providing assets and marketing strategies, 525 Media gives you the tools you need to see a significant return on your next online advertising investment.


In need of original visual assets?  

Have an idea you want to convey?  

We provide beautiful illustrations in a variety of styles.



We create websites that follow modern design aesthetics and are easy to navigate, ensuring all of

your visitors an informative and entertaining online experience.

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Music Video


An ear for music, an eye for film.  525 Media is the perfect choice to create a video to accomany your next single.

Social Media


Your company's online presence is more important than ever before.  Using the most recent analytics and strategies proprietary to every social media platform, we provide everything you need to know that your social media accounts are being manged properly, so you can focus on running your company.

Video Editing

Have your footage shot but need proffesionals to edit it into a final film?  525 Media has you covered.

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